Book Review: Starting With Comprehension

Starting With Comprehension

 starting-with-comprehension.jpgLooking for a great resource to nurture and strengthen comprehension skills in kindergarten?  This was a question that I asked a kindergarten specialist and, without hesitation, this was the book recommended as THE best place to start.

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The author’s premise is that it is "never too early to start comprehension instruction".  And if you believe that "every child can learn" and that "reading begins with meaning making", then you will certainly find this teacher resource one of the best! 

Starting with Comprehension is a reading program designed for five- and six-year olds.

Andie’s kindergarten class in Portland, Oregon, is made up of students whose English is their second, if not third language; some students "have little or no alphabet knowledge when they arrive in the fall"; and many come from low-income neighbourhoods.  They enter the school and have to get used to school culture for the first time and many have to interact with classmates whose first language is not English. 

Through art, movement, oral language and writing, these young students are able to communicate their understanding of what they read.  And the authors show how to nurture and strengthen comprehension skills "even before decoding begins".

This book is at the top of my favorite educational resources list, when it comes to coaching teachers about comprehension strategies in the kindergarten classroom.

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