Down By The Bay – Tatum and His Travels

Down By The Bay – Tatum and His Travels

Tatum, the traveling teddy bear, walks regularly down by the bay.  This teddy bear weathers the cold, winter storms, sub-zero temperatures, chilly autumn and hot summer mornings so that he can share his pictures with you from, Down By The Bay

Tatum, the traveling teddy bear, loves the early morning walks.  But, he especially loves his social coffee time after the walk, where he meets all his friends for a wee chat before he and his owner have to leave for work.

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The pictures that Tatum chose for you, span a number of seasons. Most pictures were taken between 6:00AM and 7:00AM. Yes, Tatum is up and a traveling teddy bear that early in the morning! He even had some photo ops with some ice sculptures.

Soon the weather will be warm enough to start taking the camera on the walks again.  The last thing Tatum wants is a pocket camera that does not work because it is too cold outside!

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Music used with permission from ("Centorino Productions & Susu’s Garden"). Footsteps In the Sand album.

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