Bender’s Travels Abroad

Bender is a teddy bear who enjoy many travels.  His adventures took
him to Missouri, where he saw the caves, the Golden Arch in St. Louis before meeting this really cool decorated car in Branson.  Bender also took part in some entertainment, both on and off stage.

Here is the decorated car that Bender saw:

Branson-Missouri-decorated car.png

Now, THAT is some car!


Chip Meets The Monkeys

Chip is a teddy bear who went on a world tour.  Leaving Toronto Pearson International airport, he jetted to California stopping to have his picture taken at the Santa Monica Pier.  

What a great start to his world tour!


Cuddles Meets Canadian Troops in Bosnia

Cuddles is the name of another wee little teddy bear that traveled during the first year that Teddy Bears On The Go(R) became a reality: 2001-2002.  

Her adventures are special because her journeys took her to meet Canadian Troops in Bosnia-Herzogavina.  The pictures that we received back in the classroom were incredible, as it gave us a chance to see a part of the world that we are so protected from.


Teddy Bear Peace Keepers in Afghanistan

Not only do our teddy bears journey far and wide to exotic locations, like Hawaii and Antarctica, they also travel to become Peace Keepers in Afghanistan.

In the fall 2004, two of our teddy bears landed in Afghanistan, where they had their picture taken with a couple of young girls. 



Mitch Goes To Scotland

Our Featured Teddy Bear today, is Mitch. Mitch’s owners are grandparents who agreed to take him on a journey while they traveled across the pond to visit  Scotland in May 2007, and later to Tuscany for a wedding, with additional stops in Prague, Salzburg, Melk (Austria), and a trip down the Danube. 

Mitch says in his notes that the Danube does look blue. Which is a good thing considering there is a song about the Blue Danube! 


Iggy – All The Way To Antarctica

Our Featured Teddy Bear today, is Iggy. 

Iggy was the name of a wee little teddy bear that traveled during the 2001-2002 school year. 

This school year was particularly significant for a couple of reasons:

  1. 9/11 happened, and the teddy bears started their journeys out of the classroom in Dec 2001. In spite of concerns about flying and travel, there were many traveling companions who took the students’ teddy bears and flew abroad.
  2. All of the bears traveled out of town AND all of the bears returned home safely.