"Shhh…" They Don’t Even Realize They’re Learning…
But You Will!

teddy-bear-learning-program.jpgThat’s the simple magic with Teddy Bears On The Go®…children get caught up in the adventure and the learning is a happy by-product.

Educational video games try to provide entertaining learning, but nothing can compare to the real life adventures of a favorite Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bears On The Go® program engages children in hands-on integrated learning.

The fun starts when your new kit arrives in the mail…this is a great time to unwrap the mystery package together with the kids! Usually, the bear is the first to be swooped up and then…well, that’s another story!

For Parents…stop struggling with getting your kids engaged in learning…the Teddy Bears On The Go Home edition makes it easy and fun, too!

For Grandparents…start creating memories that will last a child’s lifetime. They’ll remember the wonderful adventures you take your grandkid’s Teddy Bear on…whether it’s to the grocery store, visiting friends or half-way around the world…your grandchild and you can engage in an intelligent, fun, memorable way…memories that can be saved for a lifetime.

For Homeschoolers…Use the integrated lesson plans to stimulate your kids and use ready-to-go lesson plans and curriculum to have fun. It’s a great way to get young minds engaged in homeschooling.

For Teachers…the Teddy Bears On The Go system has been developed by a classroom teacher and includes everything you need to meet curriculum requirements in a new and engaging way…you’ll quickly become the teacher with the coolest classroom project!

Everything you need for your shared adventure is included…to make it easy, we’ve put together 3 editions:

009_04.gifMoney-back Guarantee

We believe you (and more importantly the kids!) will be delighted with Teddy Bears On The Go®. If for whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your Teddy Bears On The Go® program, you have a full 30 days to return it for a full, no quibble, refund (less shipping & handling) of your purchase price.


 Teddy Bear  yes  yes  yes
 Traveling Tote  yes  yes  yes
 Teddy Bear Journal  yes  yes  yes
 Scratch Pad/pen/pencil  yes  yes   yes
 5 Pack Hasti-Notes (Logo)  yes  yes  yes
 Manual  Home  Homeschool  Classroom
 Curriculum-based Lesson Plans
 (Black Line Masters)
 no yes  yes
 Current Availability  yes  under development  under development
 Price  $62  $82  $92