HSBC Triathlon – Gravenhurst, ON

HSBC Triathlon – Gravenhurst, ON – July 19, 2009

Tatum had another great time at the HSBC Triathlon again this year in Gravenhurst, ON, as he watched Ruth-Anne swim 750m (some say that distance was LONGER than 750m); ride her bike 20km (well, he was there at the beginning and the end of the ride); and was there to witness her successful finish.  Tatum was so proud of her!  She cut 20 minutes off last year’s Gravenhurst time. Wow, RA!



The larger boat, the Wenonah (right), is one of the boats that the swimmers use to be taken to where they will be dropped off to start their 750m swim.  Ruth-Anne says, “Most people take these boats to go on a Muskoka cruise, but I take this boat to jump out of it!” Tatum thinks that Ruth-Anne has such a funny sense of humour.



Can you imagine?  Tatum’s mom just about missed this photo op of Ruth-Anne exiting the 750m swim!



Tatum didn’t recognize Ruth-Anne in her wetsuit, goggles and swim cap, but he certainly didn’t miss her as she rode her bike during the 20km bike ride.

start20km-bike.jpg end20km-bike.jpg







Tatum could hardly contain his excitement as Ruth-Anne crossed the finish line.  Here is a picture of what Tatum saw. Ruth-Anne is wearing black top and shorts and her bib number is 25.


He also enjoyed taking this video of Ruth-Anne as she crossed the finish line.  One of her friends was there to cheer her on, too!


Here are Ruth-Anne’s final stats:

~placed in the top 10 females

~placed 2nd in age category

~5th female out of the water

~placed 11th overall in the swim category

~cut 20 minutes off last year’s Gravenhurst time


And then it was awards time!  Wheeee….




Ruth-Anne placed 2nd for her age category (picture-left).







Sharon, left, and Ruth-Anne, right, pose for more pictures.





athletes.jpg Enjoying a quiet moment with friends.





Way to go, RA!

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