Iggy – All The Way To Antarctica

Our Featured Teddy Bear today, is Iggy. 

Iggy was the name of a wee little teddy bear that traveled during the 2001-2002 school year. 

This school year was particularly significant for a couple of reasons:

  1. 9/11 happened, and the teddy bears started their journeys out of the classroom in Dec 2001. In spite of concerns about flying and travel, there were many traveling companions who took the students’ teddy bears and flew abroad.
  2. All of the bears traveled out of town AND all of the bears returned home safely.

Iggy had a wonderful time as he journeyed to California, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world), Antarctica and later, Australia.

He traveled on a cruise ship from Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctica. The waters were very icy and cold, and it was fascinating to see pictures of Iggy with icicles on his fur.  He really looked like he was having a great time.  Iggy had his picture taken with some dolls and other toys in a store in Buenos Aires, enjoyed the view from a mailbox in Ushuaia, and even got to sleep in a tent.

As he was visiting the wildlife on Antarctica, he came across some Gentoo penguins and penguin highways. These highways look like a chute of sorts and are carved out of the ice and snow on the continent.  They call them penguin highways because the penguins use them as a means of transportation. 

Here is a YouTube video of Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica:

Iggy, the Teddy Bear On The Go(R), certainly had many memories to share with the students in the classroom once he returned home. 

The following year, Iggy’s owner made a presentation to a group of teachers at a curriculum conference about his teddy bear and the many adventures that Iggy had had.  His father also shared that, as a family, they had no idea where Ishuaia was so they looked it up on the globe and were able to follow the teddy bear’s journeys around the world.