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Engage Students in their Education

The expression, "If you can’t bet ’em, join em!" is never truer than
it is today with our students’ use of the internet and technology to
communicate with each other. 

As teachers we need to get and keep the students motivated and engaged
in their own learning.  And some of the resources that we have available to us are online resources such as 21classes.com.

21classes.com is a great website for teachers and instructors, that provides great functionality while maintaining some degree of control over student accounts.

Can you imagine how motivated the students would be to learn about
Pioneer Life, Medieval Times or Ancient Greece if they knew that they
could record and present their work online? 

Here are some of the key features of 21classes:

  • Class homepage to communicate with students
  • Independent yet inter-connected blog accounts for students
  • Central console to manage students accounts with control over accounts and content
  • Multiple Options for registration process
  • Review capabilities of student entries
  • Upload images or insert videos
  • Make all or selected students’ writings private
  • Selection of templates or your own CSS editing
  • Customizable headers
  • Hosted application – no installation, automatic updates, no hassle
  • FREE SERVICE with on demand upgrade options

 Certainly a resource worth investigating!

Math and Language Worksheets 


Stuck for good source of math and language worksheets for K-6?

Check out:  http://www.worksheetplace.com/

Here is a quick link for Back to School worksheets  

Here is a quick link for  Literature Circle Worksheets

Here is a quick link for Math Worksheets

Other quick links:

English as a Second Language 

The world has become flatter and flatter as our society becomes more global with travel and ease of locating between countries.  We, as teachers, find that our classrooms require extra support as they reflect the multi-cultural nature of the world.
ESL, or English as a Second Language, is one area that has seen much growth and a corresponding expansion in available online resources.

Dave’s ESL Cafe @  http://www.eslcafe.com/search/index.html is an extensive online resource where teachers, students and others can access jobs, forums, articles, and ideas for lesson plans, related to English as a Second Language. 

Dave’s ESL Cafe is certainly a resource to have in your favorites folder!

Surfin’ The Net For Kids!

What better way to help your kids than Barbara Feldman’s Surfin’ The Net For Kids website!




Check out Barbara J. Feldman’s site by clicking on the banner above. 

And as a quick link to subscribe to her very informative newsletter, check out the webpage below: