Mitch Goes To Scotland

Our Featured Teddy Bear today, is Mitch. Mitch’s owners are grandparents who agreed to take him on a journey while they traveled across the pond to visit  Scotland in May 2007, and later to Tuscany for a wedding, with additional stops in Prague, Salzburg, Melk (Austria), and a trip down the Danube. 

Mitch says in his notes that the Danube does look blue. Which is a good thing considering there is a song about the Blue Danube! 

Mitch’s owners took him on such an exhausting tour, that he didn’t make it to Vienna, because they left him behind.  But, since Mitch is very inventive, he was able to enjoy himself anyway.

You can see some of his pictures posted on his blog at:

Because Mitch has been a very busy bear, [he just finished a tour of India in the Spring 2008], his notes are not complete yet. Mitch needs to make sure that he keeps his notes up-to-date.

Update: February 2009

After much encouragement, Mitch finally put together a small slide show that you can view from his trip to India.  Remember to turn up your speakers to hear the music that accompanies his slide show.  Mitch has got such a great sense of humour!

Click to play Mitch Travels to India

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