drink and drive

Many people are excited about turning eighteen as among other things; you are also legal to drive. But before you do so make sure that you pass the driving test and have an authentic license. This is integral for your safety and that of others around you. One of the biggest causes of accidents all over the world has been recorded to be because of drivers who are drunk. To avoid this it is important that you are well trained and that you never drive if you have drank, even if it’s a single shot. You may not feel the drowsiness then, but it may take over you later, proving to be fatal.

So if you are at a friend’s party over the weekend and are a little drunk, then instead of driving yourself home, better to take a lift from a friend who is sober or call your parents or siblings, or book yourself a cab. Many people often commit serious offences when drunk and may not even realize it until confronted. If you drink occasionally then it’s okay, but if you have a serious drinking problem or you know someone who needs help in overcoming this addiction, then contact the team at Awareness drink driver education Pty Ltd.  

Assessment programs for drink drive

If you have serious drinking problem and are fond of driving too, it is likely that you might have been caught multiple times in various offences, resulting in your license being disqualified or your vehicle taken in. To overcome this behavioral issue, it is important that you undergo a program offered by Awareness Drivers Education and at the end of it get yourself assessed. This can help you overcome your addiction and consequently result in return of your driving license. So if you are living in Geelong, Melbourne, Morwell or anywhere else, you can enroll at this program.

Many a time’s people have complained of companies who take hundreds of dollars in the name of such courses and later turn out to be fraud. To avoid this you must check if the company is registered by Vic roads, and if it is, then you are in safe hands, as Awareness Drivers Education is approved by them. Some of the other programs offered by Awareness Drivers Education are about behavior change and are in accordance with the act of 1986 regarding safety on roads.

In case you want the authorities to re-issue your license, then you have to get an order for restoration of your license. This is applicable for all those whose license got cancelled or disqualified in October 2006 and has 0.07 in BAC reading. The authorities have started checking for alcohol consumption levels of individuals below the age of twenty-six since 2007. For more details on the courses being offered, and the developments in rules and regulation regarding drink and drive, contact the team at Awareness Driver Education by calling at 03 9654 3321 or you can fax them at 03 9650 5966.